PS4 vs Nintendo Switch: Which One Is Worth Buying?

PS4 vs Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is much different from any other console available at the market. If you are confused between the two consoles, Nintendo Switch or PS4, then this article is worth reading.

PS4 vs Nintendo Switch: Hardware And Storage

Nintendo Switch, the main console is a 6.2-inch console with a 1280 x 720p touchscreen controlled by 2 Jou-Con detachable controllers whereas PS4 comes with Dual Shock 4 controller. It basically has a Nvidia mobile processing architecture with a heavily modified Tegra X1 chipset while PS4 whereas comes with an 8-core AMD Jaguar CPU. Nintendo Switch weighs around 0.65 pounds whereas PS4 base console weighs around 4.62 pounds. The dimensions of Nintendo Switch is 10 x 4.2 x 0.5 inches & that of PS4 is 11.3 x 10.4 x 1.5 inches.

There are many features which are absent in Nintendo Switch. Both the consoles don't feel like competing with each other. PS4 comes with an 8Gb DDR ram whereas there is a 4Gb ram in Nintendo Switch. There is 500Gb Storage in PS4 base model whereas, in Nintendo Switch, there is a flash storage of just 32Gb which is expandable through micro-sd card. The latest PS4 model is even coming with a storage of 1Tb. PS4 Pro model comes with a 4k support which is not there in Nintendo Switch console. 

Nintendo Switch comes with a 1 USB-C, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 X 2 whereas PS4 base model comes with two super speed USB 3.1. The Sony PS4 opts for Blu-Ray discs, unlike Nintendo Switch's Proprietary Cartridges. PS4 Original supports Bluetooth 4.0 while Nintendo offers Bluetooth 4.1. 

PS4 vs Nintendo Switch: Media

PS4 comes with Netflix & Amazon video apps & PS4 Pro, even offers Netflix in 4k Resolution. BBC iPlayer & other terrestrial TV catch-up services can be also be found in PlayStation 4. 
Nintendo is concentrating on its games primarily and doesn't offer any of the above-mentioned services. 

PS4 vs Nintendo Switch: Controllers

PS4 vs Nintendo Switch

The Joy-con controller of Nintendo Switch comes with 18 touchscreen buttons whereas PS4 comes controller comes with 17 buttons. In terms of battery life, Nintendo Switch controller is the winner as it gives a battery backup of 20 hours, unlike 7 hours battery backup provided by the PS4 controller. In motion-controlled games, the Joy-con controllers are quite handy. But the way of charging them is a bit confusing.

PS4 vs Nintendo Switch: Price And Availability

Both PS4 base model & Nintendo Switch costs 299.99$. Price of PS4 Slim is same as that of its base model. But the PS4 Pro is a bit expensive as it costs approx 399$. Both PS4 & Nintendo Switch are widely available. You can easily purchase them from the market. 

PS4 vs Nintendo Switch: Conclusion

The switch is not really designed as a straight up rival to the PS4. For hardcore gaming, it can be seen as an ideal second machine. There is a big draw in motion gaming aspects. But I would recommend PlayStation 4 If you can invest this much amount.


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