HappyLocate - Changing The Way India Relocates


Based out of Bengaluru, HappyLocate is working with the best packers and movers of Bengaluru and for that matter, entire India to change the way people perceive relocations.

Shiting of any sort has always been a matter of concern in the entire Bengaluru city and across India, both for business and personal clients.  Every single day almost 80 cases of frauds are being registered in the records of the relevant authorities. As per a survey conducted by team HappyLocate, it came into the picture that the presence of fraudulent movers across the country, financial frauds, damages and lack of communications don't just make customers bothered but also irritated with the service they get in return for the money that they have paid. And, the same phenomena can also be deduced if one pays a close attention to the public review of India's best movers.

What and Why HappyLocate:

Founded by Ajay Tiwari, and HR executive 13+years of leading teams as an HR head across various organisations and Sainadh Duvvuru, an IIM alumnus with 7+ years of sales & marketing *; HappyLocate.com* today operates PAN India with a reach of 15,000+ PIN codes.

HappyLocate is today the only door to door shifting solution of India which works with 25+ best packers and movers of India to make each of the relocation hassle-free. As of now, it is the only moderator in India that gives it's visitors the ability to select packers and movers of their choice and still avail a relocation which is free from any sort of incumbrances.

How does HappyLocate work:

The users can initiate their relocation in many ways. But generally, users prefer to submit their relocation through an interactive relocation management form. For the people looking for moving services, this platform helps them remove the need of pre-move survey completely which reduces the stress over their personal schedule. This in turn also facilitates the vendor to forward the cost-savings arising out of this ease to customers in the form of discounts.

HappyLocate also managed to get a lot of popularity among people looking for moving their vehicles and household goods between cities. At the time of writing this article, HappyLocate had no public reviews lesser than an average of 4.8 out of 5. The best in class service looks to be working fairly fine for HappyLocate as of 3,000+ relocations request that they have catered till date has come all through 100% organic or referral sources.

The Way forward:

"To all those people who are looking for best packers and movers, car transporters, office movers and house shifters we want to become more than just a platform. We already have a stronghold across major cities: Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad and we want to make this stronghold reach out to every single city of the country."; Quoted by Sainadh.

The next is expanding the power of our AI. We are already responding to our customers in a lot of interesting ways and yet that is merely scratching the surface.  We strictly believe that relocators in India have been badly exploited for ages. And, technology is the only hope that this Industry has."; quotes by Ajay Tiwari.

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