How To Choose Best Android Smartphone In Your Budget?

If you are making a plan to buy a new smartphone but you fail to choose the best smartphone, and if you have a lot of questions about how to select a smartphone then you have come to the right place. Today we've provided you with the best smartphone shopping guide from this blog.

If you go in the market you may find lots of varieties in the smartphone, which creates confusion to select best one but don't worry we will do our best to solve your queries. Now let's go to our main topic-how👉 to choose the best Android smartphone.

  • Budget 

Of course, the budget is the factor that can decide which type of smartphone you really want. Before purchasing any smartphone, you have to set your final budget, making it a clear result for "what kind of smartphone you really want" for you.

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If you really wanted a good Android smartphone then you should have a budget of at least 7,000 rupees.

  • Processor

I gave the budget first priority and the second for the processor. The budget factor helps you to grab the smartphone according to your choice, and the processor helps you to do things you had expected from your smartphone.

If you are seriously passionate about video editing and are playing heavy games, then I have advised you to choose Snapdragon 600 Series processor. And for the normal user, I advised you to buy MediaTek and Snapdragon 400 series smartphones.

  • Design

I personally recommend that you do not buy a smartphone by looking at the framework. I know in the future you may purchase back-cover to keep the smartphone safe.

  • Screen Size

Few years before, every company launching their smartphone with using 4-inch, 4.5-inch,5-inch and 5.5-inch display, but now it is the time to use 6 inches smartphone, each and every company accepting the new changes and release the smartphone with 16.9 as well as notch display.

I feel more comfortable with using 4.5 inches and 5 inches display smartphone, but the option for this category is now endless.

  • Ram

Ram management is another important factor for any Android smartphone, before you buy any smartphone, ask yourself why you want a smartphone? 

If you want a smartphone for normal use like clicking on pictures, watching movies, playing normal games, surfing the internet, watching YouTube videos, then 3GB RAM is enough for you.

But if you are a heavy user and want to buy the smartphone for playing heavy games, smartphone for video editing, and want to do such a heavy work through your smartphone, 4 to 6 GB RAM is right for you.

  • Camera 

The camera is one of the coolest and loveable features on our smartphone, nowadays the world is crazy about selfie camera and people want smartphone for best quality front selfie camera on their smartphone. but in another side creators who work on youtube, they also need a back-camera to record their youtube videos. So they also want a high-quality camera for there youtube channel.

Mostly every company using Sony sensors on their smartphone, so choose that smartphone who have a Sony sensor. 

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